Hey there! I’m Fi Modderman

Let me show you how good the human body is designed to feel!

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Hello and welcome

Have you been struggling with how you feel in your body?
How you look in the mirror and then quickly turning away, not wanting to see the face looking back at you?
Waking each day, knowing you have to do ‘all the things’ but not knowing how you’re going to cope?

And you just need to start somewhere….

Onto a path that will give you the body, the lifestyle and the confidence to feel like YOU again!

As the Mother of Health and Lifestyle Changes, let me guide you, hold your hand in support, keep you accountable and give you the nudge forward when you need it.

About me

  • Certified Health Coach.
  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner.
  • Bachelor of Physical Education, majoring in Exercise Prescription, Otago University.
  • Mother to 3 children, 9 and under.
  • Health Passionista!

Where do you need to start first?

Health & Lifestyle Coaching

Get your ideal body back. Your energy back. You life back into order. And walk back into shops to buy clothes that look amazing on you!

Workplace Workshops

What to eat in your workday. When to eat. How to exercise when you’re office-bound. Make sustainable and effective changes!

You should also know…

I practice what I preach!

If it’s good enough for you, then it’s good enough for me!

I learnt the hard way in my younger days. And have now spent years learning everything that you don’t have the time to. So let’s cut to the chase together. I’ll dig out specific pieces of knowledge locked tight in my head.
For you.
Perfectly for you.

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Let’s do this!!

Start changing your body, health and life TODAY!