My Story

Welcome, I’m stoked you’re here!

Fitness trainer, health passionista and Mother to 3 kids, – I’m dedicated to helping you get back the health, body and lifestyle that looks and feels amazing, so that you can go live your life in the game and not on the sidelines!

Formalities first:

I have ticked my educational boxes, first by studying to gain my Bachelor of Physical Education, majoring in Exercise Prescription and Management.

Deciding that I needed to build on my knowledge in order to help people further, I am now a Certified Health Coach, an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practioner and Precision Nutrition certified in the making.

I believe that we should never stop learning though. So I’m always reading new books, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, reading new science and doing my best to keep up with all the new information that comes out in the health and fitness world!

I have always had an interest in the human body…

And in movement, which is why I first decided to study for 4 years to gain my Physical Education degree. 

Interestingly, it was during this time at University that I first started my battle with my body image and my weight.

No longer having parents to buy and cook food and having to stand on my own two feet, meant I didn’t really know about what I was eating – or how much. So I would try to counteract the weight gain with long runs and heading to the gym.

I finished my degree and went overseas at the age of 22 to work first, on a cruise ship, then on multiple superyachts.

The body weight battle continued there, as chefs would make the crew food. And I just couldn’t bring my willpower under control to stop eating too much!

The hour-long daily runs I would take myself on, were not enough to keep the weight off!

Trying to starve myself….

Was the only way I thought there was to lose weight – which would ultimately fail before it was even lunchtime…

One thing led to another and I ended up in a dark, lonely place with an eating disorder for 1.5 years whilst on the yachts. Below, are photos from that era of my journey. What looks like an amazing life traveling the world, but underneath the big smiles and cocktails, I was a wreck. 

What got me out the other side of that misery, was first the love and support of my (now) husband. It is not something I would wish on anyone, but the experience taught me a lot about myself, human nature and empathy for everyone’s journey – the things we see and the things we don’t see in others.

Then began the journey to start to educate myself beyond exercise.

I now immerse myself daily in all things health related: food, sleep, stress, daily practices and of course – habit change!

It is from this nurturing, but butt-kicking place, that I guide my clients to bring their lives back into balance. To allow them to make the small but sustainable changes to their lifestyle so that they can get the health they deserve and their body shape changes as a big bonus!

Who is Fi these days?

By the time my youngest child was born, I had three kids under three! And yes, each and every one of them was planned – crazy but true!

I have a son, Jake (12) and two daughters Zoe (11) and Gia (10). 

Most days you can find me in my activewear either wearing it for it’s purpose while I’m working out, training a client or running my bootcamp – or because it’s comfortable as I hide behind my laptop working when the kids are at school!

My four cats (don’t judge me ?)and three fish tanks keep me company during the day. And when the 3pm school bell rings, I’m back into Mum-mode with kids activities, meal prep, bedtime routines and generally hanging out with my little people,  husband, or friends!

Weekends are our time to explore and share the best or hidden parts of New Zealand as a family!