About Fi Modderman

Imagine if you could walk down the road, head held high and smile in appreciation at the woman looking back at you in the reflection of the shop window.

Imagine if you could just walk in to a shop and buy clothes that look amazing on you  instead of buying clothes just because they ‘fit’.

Imagine how amazing your life would be when worrying about your weight, endlessly obsessing about what foods you’ve eaten, whether they are good or bad and how MUCH you ate, is no longer a part of your life. When food no longer controls who you are as a person.

I am Fi, and I will help you reach that place – of food freedom and great health, where you may have already completely given up hope of ever reaching.

Here’s What I Do:

  • I look at where you currently are with your health and your lifestyle and piece by piece, help to coach and guide you to where you want to be – whether that be to lose weight, gain energy or break the cycle of emotional eating.
  • I look at what you are currently doing to move your body and together we make changes until regular movement that you enjoy is part of your every day life. Its just what you do now.
  • Alongside Teagan Fea (RTT Specialist) I guide you to dispel some of those limiting beliefs, that have been stopping you from being the best version of yourself.
  • I work with you to give you the right system, the right support and the right accountability so that reaching your goals is easy and fun! No more pushing boulders up hill to get the results you are after!

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Here’s What I Believe:

  • Most of us are trapped in a body that in some shape or form, we are unhappy with. We go about our days and our lives feeling a certain way physically and mentally. It becomes our norm.
  • I believe it’s every persons right to realise that that body wasn’t supposed to feel like yours does. That the body is designed to feel GOOD to live in!
  • When you feed your amazing machine of a body properly, when you move it in ways that you love and when you start to treat your brain-body connection with the love and respect it deserves, all the pieces fall into place and you can be the absolute best version of you possible – ready to grasp your distant dreams and desires because you are now confident that you can reach them!

Here’s How I Got Started:

  • After studying a Bachelor of Physical Education for four years, travelling around the world on superyachts and then giving birth to three perfect human beings, I finally came to the conclusion that what I had been doing all those years to try and give myself the best health and body that I knew how, just wasn’t cutting it.
  • There began my own personal journey into eating right for MY body, finding a balance of exercise and meal choices that worked for me AND my family and then realising that THIS was how I was meant to feel! THIS was how my body was meant to look. And most importantly, THIS was how free my mind was meant to be! I am now the best version of me and I am always striving to reach my goals – just like you can too!
  • I gathered resources and dozens of books around me, learning every day. (And still do to this day!) I am a Certified Health Coach and I also completed a certification as an Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practioner. I practice the methods that I coach and this now, has become the driving force that I want to share with others that are willing to grow and learn as well, to live as the person they deserve to be.
  • You don’t need to feel like your life and your body is a struggle any more!

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Here’s what you need to do to take this relationship forward:

  • If you are at the end of your rope, feet dangling and with nowhere left to go, just hold on a little longer!!
  • Reach out today! 
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