Outdoor Bootcamp

I have been running bootcamp in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland,  for over 7 years… and have now moved to Pegasus in North Canterbury!

Ready to change up your exercise routine?

In the famous words of Forrest Gump, “Bootcamp is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get!”

And it’s this variety, this ‘guessing’ that your body is going to be doing during our effective 45 minutes sessions, that will see your fitness sky-rocket and your body become stronger and leaner than you would have seen it in years!

Each and every session is a unique and different workout. Variety with the timing, repetitions, strength vs cardio aspects, and you’ll use a range of different equipment so you’ll never get bored.

There is also something about the community aspect of a bootcamp that helps to keep you motivated and giving you that accountability that a lot of people need in order to stay consistent. You’ll be among other like-minded people, have a laugh and turn what most would perceive as ‘hard work’ into something you actually look forward to doing!

When you come and train with me, you are not just another number on the field. You are a person, unique to the person next to you with your own abilities and weakness’s that I will help you with as an individual. Including giving options for those that are injured!

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Session Times: Mondays and Wednesdays at 6.15 – 7pm. 

Results you can expect to see…

After working with hundreds of women and men, this is what you can expect to see and feel when consistently coming along to bootcamp:

  • Increased strength; making everyday life activities easier.
  • Increased cardio fitness; meaning you don’t get so out of breath climbing hills, staircases, or chasing after kids/dogs!
  • Decreased waistline; as the specific type of training we do works to lower the more dangerous ‘visceral fat’ that sits on and around your internal organs.
  • Improved energy levels; so that you don’t have as many of those crash moments during the day.
  • Improved quality of sleep; meaning a clearer head, lowered physical stress, increased energy, and less need to reach for sugary foods to power you through.
  • Improved stress management; so that life can flow easier and doesn’t feel so overwhelming.
  • Increased muscle size and decreased body fat; so that you can have a leaner, toned look!
  • Increased blood flow to the brain; improves brain health and helps you to regulate symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Increased self-confidence; meaning you love yourself more in a good way and this enables and inspires you to do more in life!


Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.15pm – 7pm.

Location: Gladstone Park, Pegasus/Woodend.

Access via Hakatere Rd in Pegasus.
Or Gladstone Rd in Woodend.


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Casual classes: $10
Six week consecutive block: $89

I bring ‘the gym’ to you…

We use kettlebells, slam balls, hurdles, resistance bands, strength bags, battle ropes, resistance harness’s, skipping ropes, steps, booty bands, TRX’s, resistance bands, ladders and we also do boxing!

(And I have enough equipment for one for each person!)

Oh and of course, there are bodyweight-only sessions thrown in for good measure too.

So if you are someone who thrives on group sessions, and needs a bit of motivation to push you a little harder in order to get more out of a workout, then come and join the new crew in Pegasus!