Personal Training…

There are those of us who just need that one-on-one accountability and support when it comes to pushing ourselves with exercise and staying in a routine.

To show up for ourselves and put in the work – week in, week out.

And that is where I step into play, as your personal trainer.

You will get custom workouts, designed exactly with your goals in mind. I will be by your side to ensure that your technique is spot on and that you’re feeling safe and comfortable at all times.

I have 20 years experience working with ages 14-77, with injuries such as shoulders, knees and backs, with pre and post-natal and also those who would love to just gain back their strength and quality of life!

My ‘superpower’ is writing workouts that truly give you the results you expect to get – plus more.

Annnnd…. all whilst HAVING FUN!! Which is so incredibly important when exercising!

In-Person PT…

Join me in my home studio (garage!) as I take you through your session.

This is not your typical ‘gym’ setup – but please don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t get the strength, muscles and fitness that you are looking for!

We won’t be using large machines, or your typical cardio equipment that you’d in most other training facilities.

Using free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension bands etc), will help you gain stability and balance, whilst also doing the job of resistance training. This helps you reach your goals faster! Plus, I’m a real stickler for technique, so will be coaching you through the right ways to move, keeping you safe at all times.

I have spent the best part of the last decade training people (and myself!) using only what you see here – and my clients always leave happy with their workout!

I am a 71 year old woman , with osteoarthritis in my hips, lower back, knees and one foot and ankle, along with the other bits and pieces that go along with aging. 

I found myself in the position of having a sharp mind trapped in a deteriorating body and I decided I needed to get some help with strength and mobility in an attempt to narrow this gap. ( These two aspects of fitness are associated with older peoples’ ability to maintain independence). Thus started my life-changing journey with personal training!

Fiona has been central to that journey over the last 6 months. 

Fiona, herself, is a truly amazing woman. She is very knowledgeable and caring and her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. I loved our sessions which were fun but at the same time challenging. Fiona instilled in me a belief that I could do things I never would have contemplated being able to do. Suffice to say as a result I am fitter, stronger and my overall wellbeing is high!

Fiona will be missed by all her clients here in West Auckland. I wish her every success in establishing her business in her new hometown of Pegasus. We have passed a true gem onto the community of Nth Canterbury.

Online Personal Training…

We all know the world changed in 2020 and forced many of us to think outside the box when it comes to working.

And that’s exactly how I started with Online Personal Training!

This option involves both you and I, logging into Zoom for our 30 minute workout – from the comfort of your home!

I will take you through your personalised session, written with your goals in mind and of course, using whatever equipment you have at home! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many weights. You can even do bodyweight-only workouts, or invest in some very cheap equipment to get even better results and variety in your workouts.

You would be amazed at how well this still works, despite not being in person! I can still correct your technique, keep you safe and encourage you to keep moving until our session is finished.

No need to travel.
Workout while baby sleeps.
Fit it in between meetings.

Online PT sessions are the new way to workout!

Kia ora

I have been with Fiona since October (2021). I started doing one on one training
with Fi in her garage. Unfortunately my work schedule is full of online meetings so
traveling to her place at regular times was becoming increasingly difficult.

We decided to have a go at online one-on-one training sessions.

Best decision ever!!!

I train in my home office three times a week without fail.

Fi is a great trainer, her sunny disposition coupled with her great work ethic has enabled me to get stronger and stronger. My confidence has grown, my mental and physical acuity supports me to do work hard and train hard.

For those out there who may have difficulty in keeping up with regular gym times, this online training might be your thing. I have bought a few weights, kettlebells, stretchy bands etc, all pretty inexpensive really, I’ve never felt this well for many years.

Thanks heaps Fi! See you at our next session.

Times and Investment…

Online Personal Training – 30 Minutes – $35

30 minutes – $35

45 minutes – $50

Couples and Small Group Training available upon request.

Please contact me for your exact needs.

Training hours are between 8.30am to 3pm and 4-6pm, Monday to Friday only.

What my clients have to say!

I have been starting my working week doing PT with Fiona every Monday morning for the last 3 years now and it has completely leveled up my motivation and mindset to stay focused and active throughout the week.

I used to have ongoing lower back pain but with the regular training and Fionas specialized exercises designed to strengthen and improve my core I have noticed a huge change in my stamina and movement quality that when I miss a week I can really tell.

Fiona is a fantastic trainer because she advocates beyond the physical appearances of exercise by sharing resourceful and insightful information about mindset and intrinsic values.

Fionas personal commitment and achievements in her own health and lifestyle are admirable and inspire myself and other’s to keep coming back.

We love her! You will too.

I came to Fiona after having 2 children 13 months apart and my body felt all but broken and weak. I was 18 months postpartum and needed something for myself but also something that was flexible.
Fiona was amazing, while I worked out my kids played/ate so it was never an issue to get there and get it done.
Being a mum of 3 close together she understood where my body was at and where to focus to give me strength and stability back till I was fitter and able to tackle bigger workouts.
I couldn’t recommend her more!
She is a ray of sunshine and someone who is truly dedicated to women’s health and well-being.

Fiona is an amazing PT!

She was recommended by my physio after a disc injury. I am a mum of three young children and was in so much pain and struggled to do basic tasks like drive or put on my shoes!

Since seeing Fiona I have become pain-free and am getting stronger every PT session! She has helped me work on my physical strength but also given me the confidence I need to keep pushing through when things are tough!

She has supported me to lift heavy weights and is supporting me to get stronger and healthier! I really enjoy my PT sessions and working with Fiona has been so empowering and one of the best parts of my week!

The sessions with Fiona, always push you harder than you ever would training by yourself. Exercises that cater for my ongoing lower back issues, and look to build everything around it to make the rest of me stronger, and therefore making my lower back strong in the process.

I always leave the sessions feeling energised, buzzing, and better.

Couldn’t recommend Fiona highly enough as a trainer.