Does this sound familiar?

Sunday night, knees tucked up under you on the couch, eyes glued to your screen, you reach into the bag of chips nestled on your lap to discover it’s empty…

Mortified at yourself for finishing the whole bag again, (even though you said to yourself were going to only have a few!) you vow to ‘eat clean’ from tomorrow. Hell, you decide to get up early and go for a walk too!

Enough is freaking enough! You’re tired of loathing the woman you see staring back at you from the mirror! Tired of feeling ‘fat’. Tired of feeling too unfit to chase after the kids. Tired of feeling like you can’t go out and be social because you’ve got nothing to wear that looks good on you.

Tired of being well, tired??

So Monday morning rolls around and you start with a couple of eggs on vogels toast for breakfast, because that’s what you’ve heard is the right thing to eat to lose weight.

You decide to quickly make a salad for lunch from the measly green things you have left in the fridge. And feeling smug and proud of yourself, you’re set for the day (even though you didn’t get that walk in at 6 am! But hey, one thing at a time right!?).

The day progresses…
The kids need your attention…
Work is stressful…
You walk back in the door, but dinner still needs cooking (or takeaways!? You’re too tired to cook!).
Then it’s the evening routine of getting your little people clean and in bed…

The kids are finally asleep.

You’re knackered.

You deserve a little pick me up to keep you going and for dealing with so much busyness and life admin!

So you pull open the fridge door and reach for the bottle of wine that just *happens* to be in there chilling. You excitedly remember that bag of chips you’d stashed at the top of the pantry out of sight of the family!

Flicking open your phone, you’re feet up again on the couch, telling yourself you’ll just have the one glass. And one small bowl full of chips.

And the thinking to ‘start again tomorrow on that diet’ begins yet another cycle…

Let’s break the cycle

Here is where my group coaching program can help.

Strong, Healthy, Happy is a monthly membership for women over 40, who want to break free from the ‘all or nothing’ mindset that has kept them stuck in a never-ending diet cycle.

And step into the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of themselves through changing their internal world (their thinking and thought habits) alongside changing their external world (their eating and exercise habits).

So that they can drop the narrative of “I’ve fallen off the wagon” or “I’ll start again on Monday” – once and for all.

Because here’s the thing…

Your brain does not WANT you to change!

Therefore, when you buy the latest diet or fitness program, that is written for the generic ‘woman that wants to lose weight’ – it doesn’t take into consideration who YOU are, YOUR unique lifestyle – and absolutely doesn’t care about your hard-wired brain habits which include what you do and most importantly, how you think.

So try as you might to follow this plan to a tee, your brain will ultimately ‘sabotage’ you as it fights through your willpower to get back to gets norm.

It’s comfort zone.

It’s known, safe place.

So we need to work WITH your brain, to create new thought patterns, breaking free of beliefs that have held you trapped thinking “I’ll never succeed”, or “I can’t”, or ‘this is just the way I am’.

No amount of following an out-of-the-box plan will get you to where you aim to be a year from now, without this vital piece of behaviour change.

Reach out now to see if this coaching membership is for you.

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