As a 57 year old woman, I had come to a stage in my life where I needed to do something for not only my physical wellbeing but mental wellbeing. I was walking most days but it just wasn’t enough any more. I had tried gyms in the past but they weren’t for me. I saw Fiona’s post on Facebook and thought I would reach out and I am so glad I did, I haven’t looked back. I didn’t realise how little strength I had, could not get up off the floor without using my hands and my balance was terrible! Fiona’s words “you’ll thank me when you are in your 70’s and trying to get off the toilet” are a great motivator!

I have been seeing Fiona twice a week for the last year and can’t believe how far I have come and how much fitter and stronger I feel. Fiona challenges me every week and brings so much positivity and energy to our sessions, I can’t recommend her enough. Fiona has been amazing and such a great support, not only does she know her stuff, she knows when I’ve had a bad day and what I need.

If you have been thinking about it, just do it, you won’t regret it.

Teresa J

When a chance meeting happened with Fiona over a year ago, I came to her with little to no exercise experience and a whole lot of baggage. I have many challenges associated with diet culture, body image and shame/embarrassment for asking for help.
Right from the get go Fiona put me at ease, her bubbly and kind nature radiated with a willingness to meet me wherever I was and work with what I could do.

Meeting with Fiona weekly she provides a variety of different exercises and styles which she has always tailored each one to work best with my limitations and injuries.
I have felt very vulnerable along this journey to obtaining a better quality of life but I have never felt any judgment from Fiona, she has always been a listening ear to my struggles and has met me with bucketloads of understanding and support. Fiona gently ushes me along the path, planting seeds along the way towards my goals. Having her support has also enabled me to start opening up to other areas of life that have been impacting on my health which I’m slowly addressing in my own time.

Although this year has presented itself with a lot of challenges I can see notable changes in my capabilities in performing daily activities. Things that I really struggled to do or completely avoided are now things I do without thinking twice.

I highly recommend anyone wanting to start out on a fitness/health journey to reach out to Fiona.

Frances B

I found Fi while looking for a trainer who could help me with strength training through peri-menopause. I knew it was important to increase my strength and bone density but I didn’t know where to start (and didn’t want to go to a commercial gym).

Fi is exactly what I need! A comfortable, private space with a great trainer. My workouts are different every week and sessions seem to fly by.
My functional fitness has improved immensely and I can now confidently sit on the floor as I know I can get up without embarrassing myself, my balance has improved, my core strength increase has helped my posture and all of this has had a positive influence on my confidence.

She’s also great at working with all the creaks and twinges of a not-so-young body!
I prioritise my time with Fi as it’s a solid investment in my health and I always come away energised and inspired by some tip I’ve picked up.
I’m moving away soon and will be joining her morning online sessions and packing my workout gear for 1-1 sessions when I’m back in town.
If you’re looking for a skilled, experienced trainer with empathy and passion, Fi is your match.

Pamela P

I have been starting my working week doing PT with Fiona every Monday morning for the last 3 years now and it has completely leveled up my motivation and mindset to stay focused and active throughout the week.

I used to have ongoing lower back pain but with the regular training and Fionas specialized exercises designed to strengthen and improve my core I have noticed a huge change in my stamina and movement quality that when I miss a week I can really tell.

Fiona is a fantastic trainer because she advocates beyond the physical appearances of exercise by sharing resourceful and insightful information about mindset and intrinsic values. Fionas personal commitment and achievements in her own health and lifestyle are admirable and inspire myself and other’s to keep coming back. We love her! You will too.

Shannon L

I am a 71 year old woman, with osteoarthritis in my hips, lower back, knees and one foot and ankle, along with the other bits and pieces that go along with aging. I found myself in the position of having a sharp mind trapped in a deteriorating body and I decided I needed to get some help with strength and mobility in an attempt to narrow this gap. (These two aspects of fitness are associated with older peoples’ ability to maintain independence). Thus started my life changing journey with personal training.

Fiona has been central to that journey over the last 6 months. Shortly after I started with her, the COVID lockdown meant face-face PT was not possible. However, during this period, I trialed Fiona’s “Bad Knees” online programme for her. As a result my noisey creaky knees settled down and as a result I continue to have less pain and more mobility in my knees. The sessions were easy to follow, calibrated for varying levels of mobility, and all can be done in the comfort of your lounge.

Fiona, herself, is a truly amazing woman. She is very knowledgeable and caring and her enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. I loved our sessions which were fun but at the same time challenging. Fiona instilled in me a belief that I could do things I never would have contemplated being able to do. Suffice to say as a result I am fitter, stronger and my overall wellbeing is high. Fiona will be missed by all her clients here West Auckland. I wish her every success in establishing her business in her new hometown of Pegasus. We have passed a true gem onto the community of Nth Canterbury.

Robyn D

I first noticed Fiona (Fi) on Facebook – I was interested in strengthening and fitness after recovering from a S.C.A.D Heart Attack approximately 1 year earlier.  Having had negative experiences at gyms before of very little support or adequate technique training and the off-putting posturing culture, i was truly hesitant to begin.8 months in, I can honestly say without pause that coming to see Fi regularly has made a huge positive difference to my general strength, fitness for life and my mental health.

Fi is an astute and intuitive personal trainer and is highly informative with a solid education in her field and as such I trust her ability and guidance completely.Her ability to read my needs and be dynamic with my workouts is fabulous and ensures i am never bored.  She has an appreciation of working with and around any sort of restrictions or injuries and still helps me be challenged in the workout while feeling fully supported, while I learn to listen to my body.

Fi is a powerhouse and is also aware enough to comprehend the nuances of womens bodies and the changes that age and hormones activates in them, I enjoy the conversation and banter with Fi but am under no illusion that she will push me safely to better myself on any given day.

I notice the strength in my deeper muscles has increased, my heart feels safe and challenged at the same time and the 30 min long session is perfect for me, and great value for money.  No messing about or waiting for equipment, Fi is resourceful and quick to change my workout up as required.  This is a lifestyle choice i have made to stay well and be fit for ‘my’ life and thoroughly recommend this awesome lady. 5 Stars!

Thanks Fi for being you, you are amazing.

Sarah H

Fiona is an amazing PT! She was recommended by my physio after a disk injury. I am a mum of three young children and was in so much pain and struggled to do basic tasks like drive or put on my shoes! Since seeing Fiona I have become pain free and am getting stronger every PT session! She has helped me work on my physical strength but also given me the confidence I need to keep pushing through when things are tough! She has supported me to lift heavy weights and is supporting me to get stronger and healthier! I really enjoy my PT sessions and working with Fiona has been so empowering and one of the best parts of my week!

Cathryn R

Before I started training with Fiona I was recovering from two Herniated Disc’s that resulted in 6 months off work. I was in pain most of the time and struggling with low mobility and feeling quite discouraged about my body and physical strength.

My wife found Fiona online and pushed me to try some PT sessions. We knew I needed someone who understood how to safely train someone after an injury.
I have been training with Fiona once a week for the last 9 months and I am feeling great. I have full mobility back and am pain free.

Fiona is reliable, a great communicator and a fantastic PT.  I really look forward to our sessions. She is encouraging, knowledgeable and ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. In the beginning Flona carefully monitored my workouts and growled at me if I was doing something silly. As I’ve gotten stronger she has continued to push me to work hard. I always leave training feeling like I’ve been hit by a bus but in a good way and I’m stoked with the results. 

I would recommend Fiona to anyone looking for training by a dedicated professional.

Mike V

When I first started my weight loss journey after having children I was super anxious about going to a gym. It’s super daunting especially when you’re super unfit.I looked for some personal training to start with that wasn’t going to break the bank and be baby-friendly. I went to one trainer and it wasn’t what I was looking for, she really just wanted a work out buddy and not really to help someone else on their journey. So it was back to looking.

I found Fi on Facebook and flicked her a message with what I was after, she was super helpful and supportive and gave me confidence to come in without judgement of where I was in my weightloss journey.

On the first appointment I brought both of my children (at the time 3 and 6months old)My young girl took to her straight away and let Fi comfort her while I did my work out.

Fi is funny, empathetic and she takes the time to get to know you as a person. The workouts are always catered to you and she encourages you instead of pressuring you. Highly recommended!!!

Leila T

Before I went to bootcamp I felt like I had lost a lot of muscle and strength after having a baby and I was getting a lot of back pain from a weak core. I was also carrying some extra baby weight that I was looking forward to leaving behind!

After I started coming, I realised that I had found my happy place!

As a stay-at-home mum, it’s the best break to get outside, move and have a great time training with an amazing bunch of ladies. I am feeling stronger each week and in under 6 months I have gone from lifting an 8kg to now up to a 15kg weight and I feel amazing within myself. It has been 1000% worth investing in.

Fiona is exceptional! An absolutely amazing trainer who keeps each class so fun and so different, you never know what to expect so each class is varied and goes so quickly. Her energy is highly contagious, she’s fun, has a huge passion for what she does and is highly knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness. She is so personable and has a huge heart..

Sarah M

Before I started at bootcamp I was ‘gym fit’, but not nearly as strong as I am now.

After coming along, I have increased my muscle (in a great way) my everyday fitness and my energy levels.

I have also learned a lot about fitness/diet from some of the amazing discussions we get to have while training.

Fi as a trainer and human is highly motivating, non-judgmental and informative. She knows her stuff!

Amber H

I HATE EXERCISE! I always have. And with being in my 40s, of course I’ve spent my fair share (literally $1000’s) on many unremarkable gym memberships…to which I went once or twice but continued paying for months. Until my husband & I found Fiona.

We’ve been seeing Fiona twice a week for a while now and it’s been such a great experience for many reasons. From the personalised workouts, to the specialist knowledge to backup the why, but most importantly the authenticity and genuine interest that Fiona has towards our wellness journey. Both of us come with sore knees, limited flexibility and an embarrassing lack of technique to which Fiona embraces with patience, care and professionalism, ensuring that our sessions are carefully planned out so that we leave feeling with a sense of accomplishment, the good kind of sore, and a bang for our buck.

Through Fiona’s guidance and expertise we both feel stronger, we’ve built strength and for the first time, feel that exercise can actually be enjoyable and when you make a commitment, the work pays off. Overall, Fiona is an amazing personal trainer that goes above and beyond to support and encourage us towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle.


I love, love, love, being part of a group, I love the sense of belonging you feel and being part of other people’s journey. So I have always been drawn to group fitness and mass participation events (the ones where it doesn’t matter who comes first and everyone gets the same cheer as they cross the finish line). If there are good, fun workouts that get results as well as decent chat and a good laugh, I’m in!

But in the past couple of years, I have experienced a lot of work-related stress, it affected my confidence and resilience. Little things would upset me. I lost the motivation to go and workout, even though I knew the benefits it brings. A friend suggested I come along and join her in a Saturday morning bootcamp, I wasn’t keen, most of the bootcamps I’ve seen were not appealing. A bunch of people getting shouted at while doing a million burpees was not something I wanted to join in with. But my friend said this bootcamp was different, and finally she managed to persuade me to turn up one morning…and I haven’t looked back

I have experienced a life-changing shift in mindset. My general happiness has increased, my resilience has taken off. I’m less of a grumpy person. I’m stronger and have energy to get through the day. I genuinely, and without complaint, will happily get up at 5.00am and turn up for my morning workout.

Fiona is AWESOME! I have no idea how she keeps coming up with a new workout to keep us challenged and motivated, changing it up keeps it varied and interesting. She makes it fun and even though I *sometimes* (ahem) complain loudly (I’m so sorry for the faces I make) I’m secretly having a lot of fun. I love Fiona and I love my bootcamp tribe.

Susan G

Fiona was my trainer for 6 years. I regularly went to her bootcamp and online sessions during the tough Auckland lockdown in 2021. Fiona helped me get into shape for my wedding in 2016, after my first child in 2018 and second in 2021.

Her commitment to her clients is absolute, she is creative with her workouts (never repeating the same routine twice), extremely knowledgeable, and super fun!

I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone.

Tina L

I always intended to exercise on my own, but it was easy to make excuses not to do it (too wet, too hot, too busy) and I lacked motivation.

So I joined bootcamp. You become part of a team, a team who motivates and encourages each other. I look forward to bootcamp, it’s great for the body and soul. I feel so much stronger both physically and mentally.

Fi is ‘real’. She is a great role model and motivator-no matter what fitness level you are.

Fi takes a personal approach to everyone and will tailor the exercise to suit your ability.

Lesley S

Before I went to bootcamp I was apprehensive, not sure if I could do a bootcamp, I was expecting military-type exercises.

After I started coming I found it very challenging but doable, wasn’t so scary, people around me helped me out & encouraged me to keep coming back, I found this to be very positive so I kinda stayed.

Fiona from the very first was supportive, clear on what I needed to do, asked me what I wanted to achieve then worked on helping me achieve my goal. Fi also helped me with diet, how to start looking after myself, why exercise was important, she helped me understand more than just going to a bootcamp.

I am now a regular even fixated, go as much for myself & for the others that go, B/C gives me camaraderie as well.

Neil M

Because Fiona’s approach isn’t about giving anything up, I’ve never felt deprived or restricted with the diet changes I’ve made. Instead my focus has been on adding in the things I need to feel good.

I’ve learned a lot about what makes me feel well physically and emotionally and sticking with this going forwards feels easy. I have no desire to go back to the tired and bloated version of myself I was before.


I contacted Fiona as an unfit, menopausal, wreck. She has transformed my health, both mentally and physically.

The 30-minute PT session is now the highlight of my week!


Before I started at bootcamp I was very unfit and out of shape.

After I started coming, I felt much stronger and fitter. With each session I felt my body strength improves, I could do more repetitions or use heavier equipment. The training sessions also boosted my mood and how I felt about myself.

Fiona is amazing! Very generous and encouraging. What I loved about her as a trainer is that she doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself if the training is a little too much for you. She will modify the exercise to meet your fitness level. She’s also very kind with a great sense of humor!

Marta M

I was wanting to make a change to my health, fitness and body but struggled with motivation and finding time to fit it all in. Being fit before having kids, three years later it was hard to imagine ever getting back to that place.

After I started coming to bootcamp I found myself never wanting to miss a session. I feel like it is ‘me time’ and a lot better than the wine and sitting on the couch ‘me time’ I was having before! It also started a chain reaction with my health, exercising made me want to eat healthier and exercise more even outside of bootcamp.

For the first time in 3 years, I could see and feel progress in a short amount of time. Having Fi coaching the bootcamp sessions, I am pushed to my limits every time. Group exercise means you can’t give up after 15 mins, it means you can’t sit down halfway through while no one notices and it means sometimes you have other people relying on you to finish your press ups so they can get out of their plank! But it also means once it is done, you get the best feeling of all, knowing you have given it your all, knowing you are a better version of yourself than you were 45 mins ago.

Fi’s Bootcamp is always fun, you never know what exercise is coming, you never have to think about what exercise you are going to do next and you certainly never have to worry about being bored. Friendships have been made, laughs are always had and the vibe of everyone joining together is just as good for my health as the exercise itself.

Fi as a trainer is EPIC! Fi always gives it her all. She modifies her workouts to suit the needs of everyone attending her bootcamp. She inspires you to want to keep going. Her workouts are the best I’ve ever done with so much variety, I don’t think I’ve ever done the same thing twice. Her personality is infectious and that translates to the best workouts that lift your body and mind.

Sarah W

I started with FM Fitness in October of 2016 and have been doing Boot Camp three mornings a week since and will probably never stop, I absolutely love it!

I had turned 50 and after returning from a very active role in the Middle East found that I had slipped into a sedentary job essentially pushing paper around a desk.

I had gained about 10kg of fat and my waist size had increased about 8”. I was tired all the time, and apparently I was snoring through the night…I noticed that I would wake up with a sore back as well.

The turning point was when I jumped on a set of scales and noticed that my weight matched the radio station frequency I listened to, which was at the other end of the dial I normally listened to.

I found Fiona and signed up for bootcamp.

I was greeted with smiles and a welcome from Fiona the Team and then away we went. I have never been a gym type person and I have a real hard time motivating myself so bootcamp was a great option.

I very quickly found muscles I had forgotten about from 25 years ago.

Bootcamp is infectious and I now wake up before the alarm and it doesn’t matter what the weather is, it’s out the door and off for a workout. The rest of the day is a breeze and I have heaps more energy. The guys and girls are fantastic we have a great time.

Fiona is a fantastic motivator and in the ten months I have been training I don’t think we have repeated a workout session yet, she has a ton of gear and its never a dull day. Fiona also encourages us to do other activities that pop up and it has led to me taking up Trail Running in the Xterra Series completing 10k plus runs. I never thought I would be doing that level of activity again.

The results; I have lost over 8kgs in fat and I am now building up muscle. I have lost that 12 inches off my waist and it continues to drop away. I have also changed my diet and I am eating a lot healthier. I don’t snore anymore and I don’t have an aching back in the morning.

I cannot recommend FM Fitness highly enough, it has literally been life changing and I have Fiona to thank for it!

Gary C

I have been training for the last 20 years doing a mix of Competitive bodybuilding, spin and yoga and love the challenge that each one gives me.  7 years ago I decided to add bootcamp to the mix and spice it up a bit!

I love the addition of F.M. Fitness. Each session is different, each session is a challenge and each session works! You get out of it exactly what you put in. For those of us that are a bit competitive, you push harder and up the anti. For the newbies, same exercises modified to suit your fitness, so something for all ability levels. When you are surrounded by people of all abilities it’s hard not to get caught up in the atmosphere and the encouragement comes from everyone.

Fiona is more than a Personal Trainer she has a degree in Physical Education, a personal background in sports plus huge life experience to bring to the sessions. She practices what she preaches.  Rain or shine ( and -2 degree mornings) Fiona is at the park with a smile on her face, encouraging us all and praising us for our efforts all done with good humour and a push to work harder if anyone is slacking!  Ailments and injuries are not an excuse to drop out or slack off. Fiona researches what is the cause behind your injury then works with you to modify your training, I never missed a day of training over 12 weeks whilst wearing a moon boot! This is testament to her commitment to her clients.

Bootcamp with Fiona is the best addition to my training regime that I could have chosen. It ticks all the boxes even for a seasoned gym junkie like me. Perfect way to start the day, perfect way to get fit, lose weight, tone up or just to challenge your body with a dedicated trainer…Fiona is the best….I’m hooked.. come and join us you’ll never look back!

Jo B

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