Life in my 40’s feels and looks better than when I was in my 20’s!

Despite the changes that having three children in under three years brought to my body, I’m stronger, healthier and much happier than ever before!

But it wasn’t always this way.
Here’s a little bit about me…

From my mid-teens to mid-twenties, I struggled with my body-image.

I used to obsess about:

  • All the food that crossed my lips
  • Needing to ‘burn it all off’ with increasingly longer runs
  • My reflection and pull myself apart every chance I got

All in a bid to reach the never-ending goal to ‘just.get.skinnier.’

Eventually… this resulted in a battle with bulimia.

The weight-loss narrative that I’d been fed was ‘eat less and exercise more’.

Each morning I’d wake with the intention to restrict my food, which then backfired every afternoon and I would end up overeating, or bingeing.

And no amount of running each day was ever going to be enough!!

It wasn’t until I met my (now) husband that I finally had the strength to do something different.

Instead of focusing on wanting to lose weight, I focused on what I had to do to be a stronger, healthier and just feel better in myself!

  • I learned to listen to my body’s physical cues.
  • To notice the effect various foods had on me.
  • Started strength training alongside my runs.

The result?

My head felt ‘free’ of all the negative thoughts and food obsession for the first time since puberty!

I lost the weight I had desperately tried to lose for the past decade (despite not trying to lose it) and have kept it off ever since…

And now I help other women to do the same!

Creating the consistent habits and lifestyle that develops a healthy relationship to food and exercise and support you to appreciate the body you have, by feeling stronger, healthier and happier moving forward in life as you gently age!

I have been a fitness trainer and health coach for 15+ years…

Why you can trust me

  • Bachelor of Physical Education, Majoring in Exercise Prescription and Management.
  • Certified Health Coach.
  • 9 years of running successful outdoor bootcamps, training over 300 people.
  • 15+ years of personal training, working with clients aged 16 – 77.
  • 7 years of individual and group coaching.
  • Lived experience of being a mother to 3 under 3.
  • Fun fact: I spent over 4 years working on superyachts around the world as a deckhand, stewardess and personal trainer. Just like on the reality tv show ‘Below Deck!’
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