Health Coaching

When it comes to wanting to lose weight and get healthier, most of us have a decent idea about what we should or shouldn’t be doing – but we just don’t do it.

Maybe you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you don’t know how to filter through all the information on the web to know what is right for you?

Maybe you’re someone who needs that accountability until you’ve got the reins back in your own hands?

Or maybe you need it all, plus the support and butt-kicking to keep you on track until new healthy habits are formed.

I help you lose weight and create a body you love, so that you can feel confident playing with your kids at the beach and park, enjoy shopping for clothes, be more social with friends and family and start living life to it’s fullest again! 

Unlike other programs that focus counting calories, cutting out ‘all the things’ and where exercise becomes something you dread, I help you create the habits of a sustainable lifestyle change with your food and exercise choices, and help you examine how you speak to yourself so that you can get results from ‘the inside out’.

There is so much more than simply ‘eating less and moving more’ to gain the body and health of your dreams! We look at all the different pieces of your life, (stress, sleep, family, social)  gently tweaking habits and mindset as we go, to help you to lose your excess weight and keep it off once and for all.

If this sounds like you, let’s jump on a FREE, 15 minute ‘Let’s have a quick chat!’ call together.

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I got you! 

Coaching with Fi made me realise

That I was important, that if I didn’t love and look after myself I wouldn’t be any good to those around me.

It made me think about what I was eating and how I was treating my body. It gave me ideas and practical ways to help myself slow down and work out what was important.

It changed the way I ate and also made me realise that I do enjoy exercising. I also lost 10kgs and now run 3 days a week.

During our coaching I really feel my outlook on life changed to be more positive, I’m now glass half full rather than half empty, in fact my glass is pretty much full!

I have loads more energy and enjoy spending time with my kids, which was a bit of a chore before hand. I also feel more confident to go out and try things that I wouldn’t have considered before

– B Reitsma

‘Let’s Chat’ Coaching Call…

Let’s jump on this free call together to see if I am the person to help you on your journey to better health and your dream body.

This is for you if you feel like you have ‘been there, done that’ with every diet and exercise plan around.

You have tried it all or even just some of it and feel like each time you fail you end up back where you started, or even worse off!

Let’s break you out of the rut you are stuck in and get you on a new path to body confidence, happiness and freedom – where dieting and guilt become a thing of the past!

During this session:

* We will create a crystal-clear vision of the health, body and life you desire.
* We will uncover the hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success with having great health and losing your excess body-weight.
* And you’ll leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired to gain the body and healthy lifestyle of your dreams once and for all.

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The big wins are the results that I’m achieving

Being able to see the scales go down, the exercise is now fun, the simple things I can do for myself like the decisions that I actually make with food choices / exercise. My lifestyle has changed, I have made new friends who keep me accountable (very important).

With my newfound knowledge I now feel empowered, I want to put everything I learnt into use; the visuals, the accountability, exercise, new friends, especially the results.

And I even want to reach out to others around me and enlighten them. I would surely recommend everyone to look at your coaching and to take the challenge up, as that is what it is – a challenge to take that first step. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity to change my life and to be able to actually turn my life around.

Thanks so much Fiona.

  • N McDonald

10 Week Weight-loss Coaching…

In this package you will receive:

  • Weekly one-to-one hour long coaching calls
  • Lifestyle and habit changes to have you losing your excess weight
  • Accountability to keep you showing up for yourself
  • Support to catch you at those times you would normally ‘fall off’
  • Email support between calls
  • Simple, but powerful action steps to follow-through with each week
  • An email of notes and mp3 recording of our session.

Are you ready to change your body and life forever?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A health coach is a master of habit change.
I work with individuals where, together, we identify small integrative steps they can take to become healthier.
I am part listener and part advice-giver.
Your support and your accountability partner.
I guide you to learn to listen to your body and decide whats right for you.

We all know what we ‘should’ be doing to be healthier. We just don’t do it.
Step by step, I help you to do more of the things you need for great health and energy, but in a sustainable and fun way. No more pushing boulders up hills! No missing out on the joy in life!

I help you to balance all areas of your life (not just getting you to eat your greens!), so that you can discover true health and a passion for life.

“It gave me some simple, achievable tips, in bite sized pieces that enabled me to make incremental changes on a weekly basis.  These small changes have resulted in major improvements to my lifestyle by the end of the course, and not only that, they are sustainable changes and not fad ideas that would easily fade.” – M. Gardner

“It made really look at myself and what I was doing and really question why I was doing it, was I doing all these things for the right reasons.  I made me more aware of myself and trust more in my gut feelings.  It made me realise how much of a people pleaser I was and how that was negatively impacting on my wellbeing.  It made my realise that I am worth making myself a priority because if I am happy then everyone around me will be happy too. ”

– J. McLean

I feel positive, more alive and able to enjoy each moment rather than just make it through. – B. Reistma

It really opens up your whole world – you have a new perspective on everything and start to see results (working on getting your head and body right) immediately. – J. Ward

I feel more in control of my destiny health-wise! I know what I need to keep doing, and I want to keep doing it.  My family have also benefited from my new approach to time management and prioritisation. I feel that I have now learned some really useful, practical techniques that I will continue to enjoy using on a daily basis.  – M. Gardner

The big wins are in the results I am achieving, being able to see the scales go down, the exercise is now fun, the simple things I can do for myself like the decisions that I actually make with food choices / exercise. My lifestyle has changed, I have made new friends who keep me accountable (very important). With my new found knowledge I now feel empowered, I want to put everything I learnt into use, the visuals, the accountability, exercise, new friends, especially the results and I even want to reach out to others around me and enlighten them. – N. McDonald

No, absolutely not. Health coaching will improve your energy, motivation, confidence and attitude to life. It can open doors to your world that you never knew existed. Coaching can improve your health and your life no matter where your body is currently.


After a health check with his GP, Ben got told that unless he got his cholesterol and blood pressure under control he would have to go under long term medication. His GP then referred Ben to me.

Our Process

  • During our first coaching session, we focused on goal setting.
  • Then over the subsequent weeks, we looked at slowly changing what he was eating, in order for the foods to be heart-healthy.
  • We then took Ben through the process of listening to his bodies cues so he would know when to eat and how much.
  • Ben started off very slowly by gradually increasing his exercise – from walks with the dog to now running (without the slow dog!). Instead of driving each day to work, Ben now cycles as often as possible.
  • We introduced daily stress techniques which focused on Ben’s mental health to cope with his high-pressure job which lowered his physiological stress and lead to not having to stress eat.
  • Each week we kept Ben accountable so that all the changes he was making to his lifestyle ended up in inevitable success.

The Result Over a 10 Week Period 

  • Blood pressure – dropped from 140/90 to 133/82.2 and still dropping
  • Weight loss – 130kgs to 120kgs and still dropping
  • Cholesterol the lowest in over six months and still dropping
  • Lifestyle change – runs several days per week, eats the right foods, has the odd treat

A few words from Ben

“Thanks so much before your help and motivation!”