Is your size is stopping you from living your life?

Every week I have heart-felt conversations with amazing, talented, beautiful women, who are missing out on living their lives to the fullest.
They feel trapped in a body that doesn’t serve them.
Their weight is holding them back from having the most fun, the most joy, the most LOVE!
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can go swimming at the beach with my children.
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can start going to more parties with friends.
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can walk into shops and buy nice clothes that look good on me, not just what fits me.
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can start playing netball again.
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can walk naked into my bedroom without feeling like I need to cover myself.
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can run around after my children at the playground.
When I am (x kgs) THEN I can focus on saving for that holiday I want to go on.
And the list goes on….
It breaks my heart to learn that a large percentage of women feel this way. That they are putting their lives on hold!
But how long are their lives on hold? A few months? A few years? Longer??

They are trapped at the bottom of a hole that every time they try to climb out of, end uo sliding back down, fingernails scratching at the sides at a desperate attempt to not fall so far this time.

But you have the CHOICE and the POWER to change this on any given day!

You may still need to lose excess weight for your health and happiness, which is awesome – keep doing that! Eat well, move in a way you love, find peace instead of stress in life. You may not have the perfect body (even I have excess skin and an outie belly button now that I had 3 kids in under 3 years!), but please don’t let that stop you from enjoying this one chance we get on earth!

Here are some ways to get help you create happiness from today, even if you aren’t in your ideal body yet.

* Restricting foods often feels like deprivation because you CAN’T have it. Well, you can! Just today you are choosing not to eat that sugary food, drink that fizzy or wine. Say to yourself, “Tomorrow I might eat (insert delicious non-nutritious food of pleasure here), but today I’m choosing not to.”
This is a simple sentence, but believe me, it’s very powerful.

* STREEEEETCH yourself! Get out of that comfort zone that you have tightly boxed yourself up in. Decide right now while you are reading this, on one thing that you haven’t done because your weight has stopped you. What is it? Right, now when are you going to do this one thing? What support are you going to need, if any? Lock it in. Put it in your diary. Tell a friend so you stay accountable.
Now keep this appointment with yourself! And once it’s complete, find something else that will take you one step further out of your safety net!

* If funds allow, go and buy yourself an awesome outfit that looks great on you and makes you feel amazing! Go one step further and put on make up (if that’s your thing) and walk out into the world rocking it! Smile! People will naturally respond to your positive energy you are exuding!

* Ditch the scales. Yes, I know you’ve all heard that before… but hide them away. Stop using a number each morning to dictate your happiness for the day. You may know you are too heavy, but if you are making choices to change that each day, you don’t need the scales as a daily reminder that you’ve not yet reached the end of your weight loss journey. This will ensure you start every morning on a more positive note!

* Find happiness in the here and now! Look around. What are you grateful for? It may have been a tough week with sick kids, or a grumpy boss but I guarantee you, there is a lot to be happy about too. Did your children wrap you up tight in their wee arms, sweaty faces pressed into you today? Did your car get you all safely to your destination? Did the sun shine and the birds sing? Happiness is elusive if you are always waiting to get something down the line.
Choose happy. Today.

* Find the right person to support you and help hold you accountable to any new changes you are making to your health and lifestyle. Having that cheerleader and ass-kicker can make the follow-through become inevitable. They will keep you moving one foot in front of the other, even on the days you want to take a step backwards. They will keep your smile on your face and encourage you to do those things that you have let your weight be as an excuse not to do.

Don’t let life go by, where ‘tomorrow’ is suddenly 3 years down the line.
Make a choice. Do it TODAY.

And if you don’t know where to even begin, reach out and I can help start you moving down YOUR path to confidence and happiness.

You deserve it.