7 Ways to be the Woman You Want Your Daughter to Become!

When you look in the mirror, who are you?

Do you see a bright, warm, confident, content and happy woman beaming back?
Or do you see a tired, unmotivated, frustrated and energy-lacking woman stonily staring?

How would you feel later in life if your daughter is the second woman? I’m going to guess that this is NOT what you would want for her. It’s not how you see your amazing, bright and bubbly cherub growing up to be!

Your little girl is going to grow up with you as her star in her life. You are her ultimate role-model who she adores and wants to be like when she grows up.

Your little girl is going to learn so much from you and will form the basis of her beliefs about life and the beliefs about herself.

Do you want her to agonize over every morsel she puts in her mouth and whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Do you want her to stare in disgust at herself in the mirror and criticise every centimetre of fat on her body? Do you want her to wake everyday with no energy and survive on coffee and carbs? Do you want her to lack motivation to do the things she would like to do or what she knows she could be doing for herself? Do you want her to feel like she is never good enough?

No, of course not! The great news is, it’s not to late for her. Nor is it too late for you to be the woman you want her to be! You can start TODAY. Don’t wait until it’s too late and for history to repeat itself (because – and I say this with absolutely no judgement – if you have a good look and a hard think about it, chances are that you are repeating behaviours that you learnt from your own mother). It never usually feels like the right time to make the changes we need to. So start small and add more when you are up to it.

We have an important role to play – both for ourselves – and for our girls.

What can you do to be the woman that you want your daughter to become?

  1. Love yourself!
    This means to; Smile at yourself. Laugh at yourself. Acknowledge your flaws and revel in them. Give yourself a cheeky wink when you catch your reflection. Compliment yourself daily.
  2. Love your body!
    You only have one body and it has done a perfect job bringing into the world your perfect child. Thank your body for what it has given you. Stare in amazement at your stomach, as it was able to stretch and grow a HUMAN BEING.
  3. Be as kind in your words to yourself, as you would to your best friend!
    Congratulate yourself for all the good things you did today (even if that was just getting out of bed, getting everyone dressed and feeding them!). Admire your clean and shiny hair. Tell yourself how great your bum looks in those jeans.
  4. Feel grateful!
    Feel thankful for the food on your table. Be thankful for the sun shining today. Feel thankful for living in a safe country. Feel thankful for your kids goofy smiles and sticky hugs.
  5. Respect your body!
    Treat it with nourishing foods. Give it food that makes you feel good in the long term. Give your body plenty of water. Treat yourself to daily movement and weekly exercise. Hug yourself when you need it.
  6. Surround yourself with inspiring people!
    Hang out with people who build you up. People that you admire. People that make you feel good. People that love and accept you for who you are. People that you can learn good habits from. People who have a lifestyle you would like to be living.
  7. Ask for help!
    The best of us need help at times and yet it can be one of the hardest things to ask for. Reach out to your parents, your friends, your fellow school mums, your neighbours. Ask for an hour to catch up on jobs, or sleep, or go for a run. Ask them how THEY do it.

If this all sounds too hard, or overwhelming, or that it’s impossible to change habits of a lifetime, then I can help you. Health coaching will address where you are, where you want to be and then we make small, but significant changes weekly, until change becomes inevitable and easy. Each day, each week, each month you get closer to being the woman you want to be. And alongside you, you daughter will be closely watching and learning how she can be the best version of herself too.

I invite you to reach out and have a free Body and Health Discovery call with me to learn about yourself and to see if I am the person to shift you to be the woman your daughter (and you!) needs you to be.

To schedule your call, please follow this link: http://meetme.so/FiModderman

P.S. For the ease of writing, I’ve used ‘daughter’ but of course this also applies for your sons too! Be the woman you want your son to respect and admire! Be the type of woman that you want him to fall in love with one day! Be yourself!