You are not a garbage can!

Today is my youngest daughters fourth birthday.

My husband is Dutch and one of the favourite foods of The Netherlands is pancakes (pannenkoeken). So as a major treat this morning, I made the kids pancakes with hokey pokey ice-cream. Very Dutch-Kiwi!!

After filling themselves up, both my daughters had a good amount of leftovers – including the ice-cream.

Once upon a time, I would have demolished that without even barely asking if they had truly had enough. What a waste otherwise! (I still have big issues with throwing out food, after growing up in a household where you finished your plate and NEVER wasted food as it was so expensive and money was tight! But I’m now dealing with that by adopting new eating habits and a new train of thought). Instead, I left it where it was and went and made myself breakfast so that I wasn’t  hungry or tempted at all to eat even a bite.

Why treat our body like a garbage can just for the sake of not wasting food? If you don’t eat it, what’s the worst that can happen? You throw it to the birds or in the bin…. that’s what. It’s then still gone, still being consumed. You can’t feed the starving kids in the world with those leftovers right in this moment. So stop worrying about that too.

There is absolutely NO NEED to eat those extras that are left on peoples plates just to prevent it being ‘wasted’. Just get rid of it and put it out of sight if it’s tempting. If you are struggling with your weight, this is one sure-fire way to make a positive change and start to halt the increasing waistline.

Change your mindset. Adopt this mantra, “I am not a garbage can, I am not a garbage can”.

You are not a garbage can, so stop treating your body like it’s one.

Fi xx