In-Person Bootcamp

Join myself and others in Pegasus, for our group, in-person bootcamp sessions!

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Saturday Zoom Bootcamp

Join me on Zoom for our live, online, home bootcamp sessions! 7.15am on Saturdays.

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The Backyard Bootcamp

Join me on one of 150+ recorded bootcamp workouts from your home! Get lifetime access to my full workout library and more.

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Outdoor Bootcamp

I have been running bootcamp in Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland,  for over 7 years… and have just moved to Pegasus in North Canterbury!

Ready to change up your exercise routine?

In the famous words of Forrest Gump, “Bootcamp is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get!”

And it’s this variety, this ‘guessing’ that your body is going to be doing, that will see your fitness sky-rocket and your body become stronger and leaner than you would have seen it in years!

I write each and every session as a unique workout. Variety with the timing, repetitions, strength vs cardio aspects. And a heap of different equipment so you’ll never get bored!

We use kettlebells, slam balls, strength bags, battle ropes, BOXING, skipping ropes, harnesses, hurdles, booty bands, and/or resistance bands.

When you come and train with me, you are not just another number on the field. You are a person, unique to the person next to you with your own abilities and weakness’s that I will help you with.

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Starting in September… Session Times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 5.45-6.30am.

Seniors Strength and Fitness

These classes are for you if you’re in your more senior years. If you are looking to increase your strength, improve the quality of your muscles, work on your balance and generally stay active throughout your entire life.

Classes will be from my home gym (garage!) and bookings are essential as numbers are limited.

We will use the full array of my equipment, make sure you have good technique and feel safe at all times.

I specialise in working with those who have limitations such as arthritis, bad knees, or dodgy backs. Don’t let those things stop you from staying strong – I will help you modify when necessary!

Session Times: TBC

Post-School-Drop-Off Bootcamp

Join me after dropping your kids to school or pre-school.

These are small group training, from my home gym (garage 😆), with bookings essential.

If it’s fine, we’ll head outdoors to the reserve otherwise, we’ll stay toasty and dry indoors.

These sessions, like the outdoor classes, will be full of variety with an emphasis on building your strength, cardio fitness, proper technique, safe core exercises and community!

If you have an injury, I will modify the exercises so that you can keep coming.

If you are a mother who suspects that you may have abdominal separation, I will ensure that you don’t damage it further with sit-ups, crunches and twists – but instead teach you how to engage your deep core muscles and give you exercises that will help to heal, rather than worsen your separation.

Session Times: Monday and Wednesday 10.30 – 11.15am. Tuesday and Thursday 11 – 11.45am. 


First trial class is free! Please book your spot now!

Casual classes – $13

Book 3 classes per week – $30

We use…

We use kettlebells, slam balls, hurdles, resistance bands, strength bags, battle ropes, resistance harness’s, skipping ropes, steps, booty bands and we also do boxing!

Oh and of course there are bodyweight only sessions thrown in for good measure too!

So if you are someone who thrives on group sessions, need a bit of motivation to push you a little harder in order to get more out of a workout, then stop procrastinating and join the new crew in Pegasus!