The Backyard Bootcamp

Let me ask you a question.

Have you been looking for that ONE THING for your exercise that ticks all the boxes?

  • Quick – because let’s face it, who has time these days??
  • Burns fat – because we all think we could use a little less!
  • Adds muscles – because we know that will give us that toned look and increase our metabolism.
  • Doesn’t cost the world – because we’d all rather be spending our money on other things!
  • Can be done at home – because life happens and we can’t always get out.
  • Done for you workouts that you don’t have to think about, just do them!

If you answered YES to this, then The Backyard Bootcamp might be your perfect answer!

What do you get?

  • Weekly workouts, using your bodyweight, kettlebells and slam balls
  • Core stomach muscle training
  • Exercise videos
  • Partner workouts
  • The Ultimate Breakfast Solution
  • Warm ups
  • Fitness tests
  • Muscle recovery and stretches
  • Bonus butt and ab workouts

One on One Coaching

One-on-one support

What if there was a simple, enjoyable path to exactly the life you desire? What if you could walk the path with gentle, yet powerful guidance?
I will be your side-kick, part cheerleader, part tough-love coach.

I offer a limited number of motivated people, an individualized experience (by phone or in person) of weight-loss and lifestyle coaching, to move you away from where you are stuck and towards where you want to be. Lose the excess weight, create the body you desire and gain the energy you crave to do all the LIVING you are currently missing out on!

Learn more….

A Meal Structure to Kickstart Your Weightloss$99

Have you got an occasion that you need to drop a few pounds for? Or do you just want to lose some weight quickly and learn how to structure your meals so that you can feed your body the nutrients it needs?

If you are needing some help into the types of food you ‘should’ be eating – then look no further.

I’ll email you the plan, we will jump on the phone and I’ll talk you through a meal structure that will have you fitting back into your good jeans like the good old days! You will learn the exact amounts of certain food groups to eat, when to eat and how to eat. Stick with the plan and your mates will be blown away at the changes they see on you!

You will only use foods that you like. I impose none of my weird beetroot and mint combo’s on you! 

No fuss, no weird cooking methods, just meals that will make your body thank you for giving it what it needs and deserves. 

Contact me to get started today so that you can start to see those results by next week, not next year!

Personal Training, ‘Bootcamp Style’ $50

Are you tired of your same old routine? Would you like a change? Something that kickstarts your motivation again and keeps you moving towards your fitness happy place?

There is no point in exercising if you don’t love what you are doing, as it’s not maintainable in the long term.

I want you to be able to enjoy moving your body, making it something that works with your lifestyle – and not something extra to have to tick off your list of a hundred things to do this week.

Using my personalised bootcamp-style workouts, I will keep your body guessing and help you to build some muscle tone back whilst dropping fat weight.

If you are ready to find out that exercising can be fun and would love a 30 or 45 minute workout tailored for you, book in a time to talk to me today!

Bioelectric Impendence Analysis Scales$35

This fascinating instrument will tell you so much more than just the number you weigh.
If you’re on a journey to health, you can track your progress on a far deeper level!

  • Visit me to learn the following things about your unique body:
  • Muscle mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle quality score
  • Physique rating
  • Visceral fat rating (the dangerous belly fat)
  • Bone mass
  • Total body water percentage
  • And… metabolic age!

If you’re exercising and gaining weight – these will tell you if it’s muscle or not.

Are you drinking enough water?
Do you need to do more resistance training to increase your muscle quality?
Is your visceral fat in the danger zone??

If you’re Auckland based, contact me for a half hour appointment to have your body analysed.

You will receive a full report explaining your reading, and we can discuss the next steps you need to take to move towards your goal.