Bootcamp Testimonials…

I started with FM Fitness in October of 2016 and have been doing Boot Camp three mornings a week since and will probably never stop, I absolutely love it!

I had turned 50 and after returning from a very active role in the Middle East found that I had slipped into a sedentary job essentially pushing paper around a desk.

I had gained about 10kg of fat and my waist size had increased about 8”. I was tired all the time, and apparently I was snoring through the night…I noticed that I would wake up with a sore back as well.

The turning point was when I jumped on a set of scales and noticed that my weight matched the radio station frequency I listened to, which was at the other end of the dial I normally listened to.

I found Fiona and signed up for bootcamp.

I was greeted with smiles and a welcome from Fiona the Team and then away we went. I have never been a gym type person and I have a real hard time motivating myself so bootcamp was a great option.

I very quickly found muscles I had forgotten about from 25 years ago.

Boot Camp is infectious and I now wake up before the alarm and it doesn’t matter what the weather is, it’s out the door and off for a workout. The rest of the day is a breeze and I have heaps more energy. The guys and girls are fantastic we have a great time.

Fiona is a fantastic motivator and in the ten months I have been training I don’t think we have repeated a workout session yet, she has a ton of gear and its never a dull day. Fiona also encourages us to do other activities that pop up and it has led to me taking up Trail Running in the Xterra Series completing 10k plus runs. I never thought I would be doing that level of activity again.

The results; I have lost over 8kgs in fat and I am now building up muscle. I have lost that 12 inches off my waist and it continues to drop away. I have also changed my diet and I am eating a lot healthier. I don’t snore anymore and I don’t have an aching back in the morning.

I cannot recommend FM Fitness highly enough, it has literally been life changing and I have Fiona to thank for it!

– G. Crook.

I started with Fiona in January 2016 ,if was tough at first and the mornings sucked.

But it has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I was running quite a bit before I joined but it is amazing the muscles you don’t use and how they hurt at first, but make you feel so good and strong.

Apart from physical fitness, my eating habits have improved, I drink a lot more water and my all round mental focus and ability has a noticeable difference.

My coping with work stress and decision making has improved 100{37fa2c4f919d3d259d20a9fab22f7d8436118aceace67cd66e604ddaa8b6b907}.

I notice when I don’t go and am grumpy and fall back into bad habits – my family wants me there!

– M. Waller

You need to do FM fittness bootcamp!!! It is way better than any other bootcamp I’ve done, why?

In most cases I tend to bore of the excercise regime after a few months, however Fiona’s bootcamps are NOT boring and always different. Its not just running, press ups and burpee’s, its way more. We use kettlebells, skipping ropes, weight bags, boxing gloves, harnesses, slam balls, battle ropes etc.

Every work out is different. Best thing is I don’t have to bring any gear, just myself. Fiona provides all the gear for the workouts you just need to show up. The workouts are more than just cardio, because of the gear we use. The workouts are also strength training, and to make the work out harder, just pick a bigger weight.

I choose the early morning workouts, and although bootcamp is tough, I just feel so much better for the rest of the day and have more energy. Group sessions are the only way to do workouts, as training with others provides the motivation to keep going.

Don’t worry about what fitness level you are.

I’m over 110kgs and far from the fitest or most agile person in the group, but that doesn’t matter.

Fiona will look after you no matter what your fittness level. Keeping active will improve your fittness and well being.

– R. Andrews

Fiona is an absolute professional and each session is a joy even though she makes us work so hard!

She is aware of people’s ability and provides adequate explanations and demo’s on new routines/exercises.

She always has a smile on her face and works us to the max.

She is encouraging and absolutely passionate about what she does – and it shows. Fiona has opened my eyes to the many benefits of the HIIT work outs. Thank you Fiona!

– R. Johnston

I enjoy the style of Fiona’s session as they are adaptable to suit different peoples abilities but ensure everyone is challenged at their level. The sessions have a lot of variety and include work with kettlebells, sand bags and balls, and boxing equipment so that all your body is worked during the session and doesn’t get use to a certain type of training. They are also fun and I enjoy that I can just turn up and follow instructions and not have to put any thought into my training and know that it is a good workout.

I feel like I am the fittest and strongest that I have been in 15 years. I feel like my body shape is changing to be more lean and have more muscle definition. But most of all, I feel like I have more energy and more stable emotions and mental health.

Fiona is a trainer that is fully committed to ensuring her clients enjoy her sessions and are meeting their own exercise goals. She is friendly and fun, she encourages you to try harder without making you feel pressured. The sessions she runs have an inclusive culture where everyone is made to feel welcome.

E. Lossie

I have been training for the last 20 years doing a mix of Competitive body building, spin and yoga and love the challenge that each one gives me. A year ago I decided to add bootcamp to the mix and spice it up a bit!

I love the addition of F.M. Fitness. Each session is different, each session is a challenge and each session works! You get out of it exactly what you put in. For those of us that are a bit competitive. you push harder and up the anti. For the newbies, same exercises modified to suit your fitness, so something for all ability levels.

When you are surrounded by people of all abilities, its hard not to get caught up in the atmosphere and the encouragement that comes from everyone.

Fiona is more than a Personal Trainer she has a degree in the sports, a personal background in sports plus huge life experience to bring to the sessions. She practises what she preaches. Rain or shine ( and -2 degree mornings) Fiona is at the park with a smile on her face, encouraging us all and praising us for our efforts all done with good humour and a push to work harder if anyone is slacking! Ailments and injuries are not an excuse to drop out or slack off. Fiona researches what is the cause behind your injury then works with you to modify your training. I never missed a days training over 12 weeks of wearing a moonboot. This is testament to her commitment to her clients.

Bootcamp with Fiona is the best addition to my training regime that I could of chosen. It ticks all the boxes even for a seasoned gym junkie like me. Perfect way to start the day, perfect way to get fit, lose weight, tone up or just to challenge your body with a dedicated trainer…Fiona is the best….I’m hooked.. come and join us you’ll never look back!

J. Brunton