Ben G

The Background

I know I’m competent in business, but feel incompetent around my weight. Which would help in future roles at work.  I feel like the knowledge the mechanics, the availability is there to lose weight. But there is a mental block. Stress in the job role – which there is no getting away from. And an inability to channel the job stress. This all has a negative impact on how I feel about myself. My knees are getting sore. I feel self-conscious. I’m not as active as I used to be. And I eat for whatever emotion I feel. Food is my go-to for whatever I’m dealing with!”

The Problem

After a health check with his GP Ben got told that unless he got his cholesterol and blood pressure under control he would have to go under long term medication. His GP then referred Ben to me and he has been in our program ever since.

Our Process

  • During our first coaching session, we focused on goal setting.
  • Then over the subsequent weeks, we looked at slowly changing what he was eating, in order for the foods to be heart-healthy.
  • We then took Ben through the process of listening to his bodies cues so he would know when to eat and how much.
  • Ben started off very slowly by gradually increasing his exercise – from walks with the dog to now running (without the slow dog!). Instead of driving each day to work, Ben now cycles as often as possible.
  • We introduced daily stress techniques which focused on Ben’s mental health to cope with his high-pressure job which lowered his physiological stress and lead to not having to stress eat.
  • Each week we kept Ben accountable so that all the changes he was making to his lifestyle ended up in inevitable success.

The Result Over a 10 Week Period

  • Blood pressure – dropped from 140/90 to 133/82.2 and still dropping
  • Weight loss – 130kgs to 120kgs and still dropping
  • Cholesterol the lowest in over six months and still dropping
  • Lifestyle change – runs several days per week, eats the right foods, has the odd treat

A few words from Ben

“Thanks so much before your help and motivation!”

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